Albion spear build pve

All bows can benefit greatly from Ambush assassin. The usual leather options can be great for solo and small group play as well. When part of a group, however, cloth armors can be used in some cases. But your team must find a way to keep you safe. Warbows prefer kiting above all else. Look at Dodge assassinBlink cleric or Delayed Teleport mage for some solid options. The Bow is the one possible exception to bow builds in general. With a skill like Giant guardianBows can often go toe to toe with almost anyone using their potent E ability.

Poison mage is a solid option for almost anyone and that includes bow users — especially the kiting Warbows. Cleanse could help a kiter remove cc.

A brawling Bow might consider Retaliate hunter to help defeat other strong brawlers. In a group fight, Meditation assassin can help recharge potent abilities faster. Force Field and Howl are other options under the cloth and leather trees. If you take away a little range and damage potential from crossbows and add more mobility and kiting potential, you have your typical bow. Longbow is the most sedentary bow and is amazing for PvE and difficult to use for PvP.

It requires a strong team and good positioning and timing. The rest of the bows to varying degrees thrive on dealing damage on the move none more than the Warbow.

The Slow Poison passive in combination with a W skill of Frost Shot or Speed shot in combination with mobile boots can make it very difficult for enemies to close on a strong Bow Fighter. This is especially brutal for Warbow users who have a strong skill shot to use while on the run.

Bow and Whispering Bow have some of the strongest single target sustain damage potential if built around their E skills. A Greathammer is a good example of a counter to most bow builds.

It has innate gap closers and a strong slow to mitigate the kiting. A strong kiting bow user can be a good counter to most Axe and Dagger builds, which tend to reign supreme in brawls, but can struggle with good kiting.

If you have a healer, Haste hunter synergizes very well with the potent spear auto attacks. If you do not have a healer, the usual solo armor skills should work well enough: Inferno Shield all leather and Bloodlust mercenaryfor example.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

albion spear build pve

Install Steam. Store Page. Albion Online Store Page. Global Achievements. Yasha View Profile View Posts. Obviously, all the PvP gameplay is unavailable. But my question is how much gameplay remains. Are there any interesting PvE quests or dungeons with challenging enemies?

PvE combat situations that require you to grind and maybe craftacquire special equipment, etc. How about exploration and discovery? Much of that? Do PvE guilds exist, and if so, for what purpose?

Albion Online 2D — Database and Tools

Thanks in advance for useful answers. Showing 1 - 15 of 17 comments. All the ingame activities revolve around this concept as of the time of this post. With that out of the way You can un-flag from your faction anytime, which makes you neutral and unkillable in safe zones.

After the tutorial, you are free to pursue your path via the Destiny Board. Your Reaver level determines the tier of mobs you can efficiently kill. We're hoping that this year's major update will address the solo game experience.

There are also plenty of solo and group dungeons in the safe zones with challenging bosses.

albion spear build pve

There are very rare PVE only guilds mostly for Roleplaying purposes. Trial keys cannot be redeemed in the Steam version of this game, you need to download the native client and redeem it there. Hope that helps and feel free to ask any questions in the game's Help Chat once you're online!Your browser has JavaScript disabled.

If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. It would be an added bonus if the build has mobility as well to escape ganks and to traverse the map quicker.

I really like the spear mobility but its damage is very lackluster and has no interrupts. Right now i cant give you a legit build because they will introduce new spells and probably new weapons. But the more cc you have better.

Has anyone tried an auto attack build with life leech? And run 1h axe and shield. So u get move speed from axe. A life leech ability and shield gives cc resists.

Vorgav Gaming Join Albion today! As per usual, depends on what ur playstyle is. Do u like casttimers? Generic solo caster: Cleric Hood with energyregeneration, damage passive. The firestaff being the new top aoe weapon.

albion spear build pve

Especially once the meteor returns. U should use soup as food so u dont need to wait for ur health to regen each fight. Some other solo builds: 1h axe with offhand Plate helmet, with emergency heal, damage reduction passive. Ergo assasin boots with dodge, or knight boots with shieldcharge.

Druidic Staff mass PvP Healer Albion Online build

U can swap ur 1h axe for the greataxe or halberd and have decent aoe instead. Especially combined with soldier armor bloodlust it turns into a healing wonder.

Another good build for solo pve: Hammer cleave: Any hammer with heavy cleave Mercenary helmet with meditation, movespeed passive Mage chest with frostarmor and damage passive Cleric boots with energysprint or blink, damage passive. Note that everything I said is up to personal preference.

They worked in beta 1 and they currently work in beta 2. U can literally solo with every weapon in the game, so ultematly its up to u. Take them as a rough guideline for ur endavours, dont take them as mandatory or anything. Greetz Subs. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google Plus 0 Reddit 0.I forgot my password.

Equipped Weapon defines your playstyle in Albion to a large extent, Skills gained from other Equipment pieces are the other defining factor, of courseso one might say that each of the available Weapons represents a specific "Class" or Archetype.

This Guide features all Albion's Weapons and the best Builds that are associated with them. Holy Staves get two heals on their Q slot, Flash Healwhich is a light healing spell with a short cooldown that also increases Target's healing received, and the Generous Heal that heals for a large amount but also has a long cooldown. W slot has some interesting options, ranging from a damaging spell - Smite to some powerful HoTs Holy BlessingAoE heals Sacred Pulseand most importantly, the Ressurectionwhich is mandatory when playing in a large group.

Holy Staff's passives revolve around cast speed and healing boosts, energy recovery, and defensive knockbacks. Powerful unique abilities of these two Staves make them the best two choices in the Holy Staves family. Arcane Staves have access to a potent defensive Shield in a form of the Arcane Protectionand instant energy restore spell - the Energy Bolt in their Q slot.

W slot revolves around various buffs, debuffs, and support spells. Arcane Staff's passives can provide resistances, additional energy recovery, knockback or a melee silence. Arcane Staff provides an additional silence combined with an offensive dispell, which makes it useful in PvP.

Enigmatic Staff can be used to channel an AoE protective shield in a form of the Protective Beamwhich can save allies from incoming AoE damage. This additional utility results in these two Arcane Staves being chosen more often than the rest. W slot offers various damaging spells that also root or snare their Targets.

Frost Nova freezes and damages all enemies in a 5m radius, Frost Bomb detonates for AoE damage and a strong slow, and the Frost Beam is a channeled spell that can be used to CC multiple enemies that are close to each other. Passives offered by Frost Staves offer additional energy, roots, cast speed buffs, and damage procs.

Avalanche offered by the Hoarfrost Staff is very strong in PvP but can be avoided, and requires good timing. Demonic Staff's Field of Death and the healing reduction that it provides enables very fast kills, even on Targets that are healed constantly must-have in group PvP. This ability provides great Burst Damage potential without slowing you down and the War Bow is often picked because of that. Spear abilities available in the Q slot increase your auto attack damage and increase your reach Spirit Spearor Slow Targets in addition to dealing moderate Damage Lunging Strike.

W slot provides a good mix of abilities to choose from, AoE damage - Forest of Spearsstrong self-buff - Inner Focusand a solid damaging ability that also slows the target and removes its speed buffs - Cripple.

albion spear build pve

Glaive's Fling ability deals solid damage and Flings an enemy behind you, which is great when chasing a kill with a team and makes the Glaive a very solid choice for open world roams and small scale fights.It is also viable to level primarily using a 1hand weapon and shield.

This allows for shield guarding, slam, and also the ability to drop damage. Armsmen are not a very popular PvP choice on Uthgard currently because most of what they can do can be done by other classes. PvE: Cabalists are very good PvE leveling classes. You will want to have 3 points in Spirit for pet power recycle and put the rest into Matter. You can do a pet focus shield pull along with DOT damage. This spec allows for nearsight which is very strong in the Uthgard setting along with a good debuff nuke.

Class: Cleric Race: Briton is a good choice for Cleric because of balanced stats. PvE: While leveling you will primarily want to spec into Enhance for buffs to help groups while dropping a little bit into Rejuvenation to help with healing. As a cleric it should be fairly easy to get group invites. Uthgard does not allow for buffbots so you will be in high demand. This allows decent buffs, shears, and good healing. As a Cleric you will be responsible for buffing, shearing, and of course healing the group.

Class: Friar Race: Briton is a good choice for Friar because it is the only choice. PvE: You will want to keep Staff around character level with the rest of points into Enhancement line for buffs.

RvR: Some choices here. For a group spec 45 Enhancement, 29 Staff, 34 Rejuvenation, rest of points into Parry. More solo oriented specs may look like — 45 Enhancement, 39 Staff, 25 Rejuvenation, and rest into Parry. Keep in mind Friars are not in large demand in group RvR on Uthgard currently so you may be soloing a bit. A lot depends upon if solo or group character. Briton is probably a better option if speccing slash.

PvE: You will want to keep your weapon near your level along with Poison. Put left over points into Dual Wield. You can Autotrain stealth while doing this for free stealth points.

The poison DOT hits pretty hard and acts like a self dmg buff. This allows for a stun off of evade along with giving you a strong dmg out of stealth opener which is typical with assassin play style.To make it possible for participating in not only guild fights, but also group PvE and solo open world roaming, Albion Online player Bludlust create a real all-rounder build.

As we know, these different modes will make ourselves in an array of different situations in game, so how to create a special build that can suit solo roaming, small scale PvP and GvG or large open world fights is really difficult.

Although the basic build allows you to be effective for your team in almost any situation, Bludlust made a few minor adjustments and greatly increase its potential for certain situations.

Albion Online: Best Build For Solo PvE & Skinning

The special build not only build a solid cornerstone for solo players that don't want to farm multiple sets of gear, but also offer new players an excellent choice to find what they want.

The kit of abilities the Cursed Staff offers is exceptional. Depending on the task at hand you go with Vile Curse for single target DPS, for example in solo farming or in small scale skirmishes. Whenever you need to hit multiple opponents at once you switch to the Curse Sickle spell. Vile Curse - Places Vile Curse on the target, dealing damage to the target over time. Stacks up to four times.

Always weave an auto-attack in between your Vile Curses to keep your energy high and to deal extra damage. Armor Piercer - A demonic beam shouts out in a straight line.

Fight for your life

All enemies hit take damage and have their Armor and Magic Resist reduced for a few seconds. Desecrate on the other hand is your bread and butter for any successful gank in the open world. Death Curse - Places a death curse on the target that will deal delayed damage to the target depending on the number of charges of Vile Curse on the target. The Death Curse is your most powerful nuke spell that perfectly complements the kit of sustainable damage.

Passive: Energetic - Every normal attack, you restore energy. The passive spell Energetic will keep your energy pool up but for open world fights.

The playstyle is very similar as only Death Curse is replaced by Enfeeble Blades, but the damage from this skill combined with its AoE damage debuff helps a lot against big groups of enemies.

Keep in mind, you can cast Enfeeble Blades on your team members as well! As you don't have to worry about energy problems, your helmet slot can be used to increase your overall survivability.

Ice Block is one of the strongest defensive abilities the game has to offer and can often be used to render even the strongest attacks of your enemies useless. Ice Block - Channeled ability, which instantly makes you immobile and invulnerable to damage for the duration.

Consider the time they are in Ice Block as a risk-free moment to apply even more DoT. Bloodlust - Every time you damage an enemy you heal yourself for a certain amount of life. Lasts for the lower of 10 seconds or 15 hits. The Cursed Staff allows you to throw out a huge amount of attacks per second. This chimes together perfectly with Bloodlust from the Mercenary Jacket as you can easily get in 15 attacks to get the most healing out of it. Passive: Quick Thinker - All cooldown times are reduced.

The passive Quick Thinker is picked to increase your total damage output even further. Variant: In large scale open world battles, you can swap to a Mage Robe to increase your raw damage potential from the backline.

Run is your first choice in all PvP situations as it offers you a consistent amount of mobility. Omelette - Improves your casting speed and cooldown reduction. The Omelette's cooldown reduction and improvement of cast speed helps you increase your damage and survivability.

Major Healing Potion - Regenerates a percentage of your total health over time. As you have already plenty enough sources to sustain your energy pool, you can use the Healing Potion to keep yourself alive. Once you have better ideas, share in the Albion Online community or comment below our official media.

Home News And Guides.Skype mmocs. Terms and conditions. Privacy policy. Buy NHL 20 Coins. Madden NFL 20 Coins. FIFA 20 Coins. You to Be. Albion Online classes are decided by the weapons that character equipped on, Hunter is the most agile one in the three given classes: Warrior, Hunter, and Mage.

Each class or weapon has their unique combat style as well as pros and cons. If possible, team up with different class players when in group combat, you can get ultimate support from their outlandish assists.

Albion Online - T5 BZ Solo Dungeon - Trinity Spear - GTX 1070 Ti + i7-6700k 1440p

To build up a decent Hunter for farming or fighting versus real gamers, you need to start from the ground. The first thing you need to do is to create your character. You can switch your class by changing your weapon any time later. So there is no certain class or professions in Albion Online. For example, bow enables Hunter to attack from a distance, while Spear can be brandished to attack nearby enemies, whilst Dagger can deal massive damage to closed target. Maybe our site isn't the cheapest store to Buy Albion Goldbut our safety and transaction are the best out of question.

All of our opponent stores admit it. Alright, although this weapon seemed providing extra safety for you do not need to get close to the targetbut most of time your target have some ability to enhance their dodge or movement ability to get close to you for PvPthen a ranged Hunter will be endangered easily.

If you are in high level and master awesome gameplay especially in positioning this is the most important for a ranged buildBow Hunter can kite opponent to death if in proper manner. The Frost Shot and Speed Shot can increase your move speed and slow down target, time it wisely to perform a constant hit-and-run.

Spears are very solid weapons for staying engaged on a target, but their raw power can lag behind some other weapons. So it's time for you to practice the trick in your game, maybe the first try won't success but don't be despaired so easily. Even if you can't master it, you still have the Cheap Albion Online Gold from our site, lol. You can also combine this tip with the following one, to make an even higher efficiency.

Giant and Shield Charge can help mitigate that weakness. All the mobility options can be useful for kiting melee or staying engaged with ranged.

Really any boot can work with a spear. When an enemy is about to use a spell, there will be a red area on the floor. It is important to immediately get out of the red zone and avoid the attack. It's time for you to try the Cheap Albion Online Gold on our site. You will find it's even effective than this awesome hunter guide. Normally, if you have tier 3 gear, there should not be any problem fighting with tier 3 enemy as long as you can dodge their skills.

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