Izuku has a dark quirk fanfiction

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Midoriya Izuku is a normal boy.

He has a Quirk and everything! But a seemingly weak Quirk isn't enough. Being kind isn't enough. And so Izuku suffers, even as he refuses to let go of his goals. He will be a hero, no matter what it takes, because he can be. Despite all the voices telling him he can't, he can. Izuku just has to prove it. TLDR - Izuku has a kitsune Quirk and is determined to become an underground hero - he will makes lots of friends and a Dadzawa along the way, although things are never quite easy.

Villains are known for causing chaos and havoc in society, but sometimes, Villains do things that are far more personal, and far more despicable. Haruka Midoriya is the result of one such action, and the world just seems intent to destroy her. Let's join the agent of chaos himself, Izuku Aizawa, in his journey following in his parent's footsteps to be the best pro hero he can be with the help of his best friend, Hitoshi Shinsou and his girlfriend, Katsumi Bakugou.

Izuku has strange dreams. Dreams of generators, of totems, of exit gates, and of dangerous killers. Through these dreams, Izuku discovers his quirk. It gives him strange abilities that don't make sense. Watch as Izuku attempts to use his odd and dangerous powers to become a hero while trying to discover what his dreams are about, and where his powers come from. Useless, Quirkless, Deku.

That's been his name for so long. But it can't possibly be true. Izuku was supposed to be the greatest hero in the world! Izuku didn't need Bakugou's approval. He just needed to ask All Might. His idol would tell him everything would be okay!

Just keep smiling! Shimura Nana can't stand to sit and watch as a young boy, much like her successor Toshinori, is told he can't be a hero because he's quirkless. Ghost be damned, she'll succeed where her successor failed. In another universe, Inko and her family moves to Musutafu where the story takes place.

In this universe, Inko stayed in her hometown of Hirosaki, Aomori where she lived happily with Hisashi and her 3 year old, Izuku.

MHA:Izuku with white hair

Until one day when The Great Earthquake of Hirosaki destroyed the entire city leaving only a sole survivor, a toddler who manisfested an extremely powerful telekinesis quirk while both of his parents died protecting him. Midoriya Izuku is left alone in this world until No.

Izuku quickly settled in the new house and he brigthens up the commonly gloomy household. Izuku even changed Enji's outlook and he began to love his adopted son. Sadly the happiness didn't last long as during one villain attack when they were 12, Izuku sacrificed his life in order to protect his family.Izuku was making the usual walk home from school, the sun setting behind the trees when out of the corner of his eye he saw a familiar face doing something intolerable.

Izuku ran out to get between the two children, only eliciting a cold laugh from Bakugo, "What? You think you can beat me Deku?

The nickname forced a cringe onIzuku's face, which was an act of war to Bakugo. The blond boy charged at his former friend and created a spark just before swiping at Izuku, but felt no impact. Instead, a small cloud of purple-black mist took the area that Izuku was once in, before shifting back into a small boy, but not the Izuku he knew.

The mop of green hair had been replaced by an equally chaotic mist that floated like hair underwater. The vibrant emerald eyes that once looked at him with joy and passion were now dark purple and seemingly emotionless, though the look of surprise on the rest of the boy's face betrayed that idea.

The once pleasant skin was now white as paper as Bakugo stepped back in shock. His demand was met with another charge from Bakugo which was once again made useless by Izuku's mist form. What differed from the first charge, however, was the strong uppercut that Bakugo sat on the receiving end of.

Katsuki and his 'gang' ran into the woods while the unnamed boy ran in the other direction, leaving Izuku alone to rub his hurting fist and begin his trip back home, excited to break the news to his mother. I got a quirk! Those were the words Inko heard before her whole world was turned upside down - and not in a good way. When her adorable, innocent Izuku came into the kitchen her first thought was, 'It's just like my brother's. It's just like that murderer's quirk.

This was going to be tricky for both of them. The next day Izuku went into school with pride and confidence, ready to show off his cool new quirk to his class, but what met him was something akin to a nightmare. Villain Deku! The Teacher asked him to turn off his quirk, and when Izuku said he couldn't the teacher looked at him with severe distaste and walked away to talk to other kids.

Izuku endured this for the day, then the week, then the month. Soon he was quiet and asocial, staying away from crowds of people and sticking to private areas.

And worse than all this: he never told his mother. Story Story Writer Forum Community. What if Izuku, rather than being quirkless, got a quirk called "Darkness".

How would things play out differently and how would his emotions be twisted and turned on the rollercoaster that is his life. Rated T for safety. I don't own My Hero Academia or its characters, plot etc. Chapter 1 - Discovery Izuku was making the usual walk home from school, the sun setting behind the trees when out of the corner of his eye he saw a familiar face doing something intolerable.

Chapter 1 2.Story Story Writer Forum Community. A Not So Useless Collection. Welcome my readers, to the wonderful restaurant of all your quirky needs. Order off the My Hero Menu of your dreams. Here you can find a plethora of fics about our favorite cinnamon roll getting a quirk and the effects this may have on society. Not only that, one that was especially suited to strike down evil. Izu-Ju by Crossoverpairinglover reviews It all started when a quirkless child gains the power to live his dreams from a chance encounter he never could have expected.

However where one found the secret from the greatest hero on Earth, another got it from beyond the stars themselves. With the power to be a superhero for 10 minutes, Izuku Midoriya attends U. A to become a hero, and possibly figure out what his watch is. Deku of the Dead by Dewyn reviews None of Midoriya Izuku's preschool classmates expected the nickname "Deku" to become such an apt one once his Quirk manifested.

Still, being able to manipulate the dead like puppets isn't particularly heroic. Love and Justice by EternallyLostAuthor reviews 10 year old Izuku wanted to be a hero more than anything despite being Quirkless When confronted by a magical cat with a star shaped gem things start to get complicated.

The Book of Deku by melody-dramatic reviews Midoriya Izuku is born with a quirk, and it is a terrible, burning thing that will not let him rest. It has stolen his ignorance, his innocence, and his safety. It has driven him to restless obsession. But he is still Midoriya Izuku, and he will be a hero, whether his quirk cooperates or not Even if it means resorting to vigilantism. But his life changes when Mirio Togata steps into it and together they work on their Journey to U.

Machina Hero by UnitedOsprey reviews Deku's greatest asset has always been his mind. If he had been born with a Quirk that took advantage of that, how far would he take it? Support Awaiting Re-Write by Starstorm reviews Using his left hand to heal and right hand to give strength. Izuku Midoriya with his Quirk, Support, wants to be a hero like his mother and late father.It was that day. That day where everyone chooses to apply for a hero course, that day when everyone will laugh.

The students of Izuku's class were getting their applications back and he already knew that he was going to be the odd one out. Izuku didn't want to be a hero. It was more than that.

Izuku thoroughly disliked heroes in general, despite his younger self's admiration of them. Being called a villain for 10 years gets to you, after all, and quirk culture was as toxic as dioxin in his eyes.

This meant that when the teacher shouted that everyone wanted to be a hero Izuku only rolled his eyes, and this sealed his fate. Not a single sound in the classroom until, all at once, laughter came out of everyone's throats. Even a disappointed sigh from the teacher could be heard, though it wasn't aimed at the students laughing.

This is why Izuku hated everyone. Everyone but his mother.

izuku has a dark quirk fanfiction

Out the door, through the gates, onto the road: normal. Down more stairs, across the park, into the tunnel: normal. The sickly sound of sludge and mucus coming from behind: not normal.

A disgusting green tentacle wrapped around Izuku's body and another one forced itself down his throat eliciting a now useless gag reflex that only managed to make the whole experience worse. How it stuck out to him was anyone's guess but it happened, and it was definitely in the top 5 worst parts of this particular experience.

Quite an achievement. Not that said experience lasted very long anyway, as Izuku turned into a small cloud of dark mist that surrounded the villain and moved far enough down the tunnel to allow the year-old to materialise a safe distance away while leaving a smoke screen. This improvement gave young Midoriya many more possibilities that could be achieved with his quirk - not that he would need it if he got his way.

It is a consequence of this ability that he was able to get out of the tunnel narrowly before All Might dropped out of the sky and blew the villain away with the loudest shout Izuku had ever heard, which he considered to be quite an achievement.

It took everything in Izuku's power to just walk away quietly without saying anything else, like 'shut up' or 'shut up please' or even 'oh my word would you please just shut up'. It was a great relief when All Might just quietly went to clean up his mess and left Izuku alone, which is why there was no one to notice All Might's mistake when he attached the bottles of goop to his trousers, allowing them to fall off within 10 seconds of jumping away with the speed of a military fighter plane.

It wasn't long after the tunnel incident that Izuku noticed something was wrong. Whether it was by the direction of the wind, his gut instincts, or the sound of explosions coming from the burning building 'round the corner is anyone's guess, but he definitely noticed it, as you could tell by the fact that he was at the scene faster than you can say "guacamole".

If he was expecting anything in particular, which he wasn't, it most certainly wouldn't have been his green slimy friend attaching his blond, equally slimy though not in the same way friend, who in turn seemed to be attacking the air around him with an endless stream of explosions.

While all of this was happening, the heroes on the scene - who Izuku couldn't name if he tried - were doing nothing but watch, and even that they were doing worse than Izuku since they didn't even notice when a piece of ceiling hit the sludge villain in the eye and caused it considerable pain.

After this discovery it didn't take long for Izuku to formulate a plan: hit it in the eye, wiggle Bakugou to safety, get shouted at. Simple as 1, 2, 3. Izuku turned into mist behind the crowd and snuck into the shadows until he couldn't get any nearer, before rushing out and surrounding the mucus-like creature while simultaneously reaching up to the crumbling ceiling.

He then materialised with a hand around a solid block of stone and dropped down, throwing it into the villain's eye and disappearing before hitting the ground. It was quite apparent that this attack had the desired effect when the villain screamed out in pain and loosened its grip on Bakugou, enough for the mist to retrieve him and carry him a safe distance away.

It was at this point that All Might appeared and obliterated the slime, though not before Izuku saw the transformation. It was another ability of his quirk that he could 'sense' things inside the mist with impressive accuracy, and could 'see' things outside the body of mist quite a confusing input until gotten used to.

This makes Izuku hyper-observant when in mist form and gave him a clear view of All Might's sudden and quite bewildering transformation from a skeletal man who looked like he was a stiff breeze away from turning into dust.I must go and deliver this criminal Izuku Midoriya, still standing on the roof, hears an explosion in the distance.

Izuku took a closer look at the villian. For a while? He left before me, even emancipated he can't be this slow It's all my fault Looking between the heros and the villain, 'we just have to wait for a compatible quirk to arrive. In a puff of smoke he disappears. Where Izuku had been running a large bipedal jug filled with a red liquid was sprinting towards the slime.

Turning around it placed itself between Bakugo and the slime. The slime quickly recovered and slapped the jug into the nearby wall, it bounced off but cracked as it hit the ground, shattering as the villain hit it again. Wiping blood off his mouth as he stands in the now rainy street, All might raises his fist to the cheers of the crowd.

Walking down the street Izuku thinks of Bakugo's thanks, 'I might not have done much, but at least I didn't make it worse Because I am All Migh Wiping the blood off his face he says "young man I come with thanks, a correction and a request. If you hadn't gone to save the kid I would have become a hypocrite. Thank you. If I hadn't taken so long with my question Story Story Writer Forum Community. Izuku has a quirk, but he is nervous about using it.

Is it weak? My first attempt at this, a bit of a parody of Quirk! Izuku, I think. The villain caught a kid. It's been a stalemate for a while. All might could only stare in shock, 'That's not what I thought when he described it to me.

izuku has a dark quirk fanfiction

Out of the liquid rolled Izuku apparently unharmed. All the heroes rush forward. The sound of an explosion and a cloud of smoke covers the scene. What are you doing here? Weren't you busy with reporters?

I d-don't know I just started running Chapter 1: An Interesting Introduction 2.As we have seen throughout the course of the war against the Paranormal Liberation Front thus far, Izuku. At the age of four, Izuku Midoriya awakened his quirk. Enter Midoriya Izuku, a young boy thought to be Quirkless who subconsciously controls the number one vigilante in Japan; an entity powerful enough to rival even the strongest villains. What if Izuku, rather than being quirkless, got a quirk called "Darkness".

Took a Level in Kindness : After discovering that Taya was molesting Izuku, Bakugo becomes significantly nicer to Izuku, even giving him a pep talk when Izuku is having an emotional breakdown about what happened. People whisper and talk about him, calling him a monster or villain because of his power, but all Izuku wants is to be.

That means Izuku has to be careful when using multiple sequences at the same time. Deciding that if he couldn't be a Hero in real life he would do it at the table, he sets out on a journey as the worlds one and only Gamer.

A hurt child. All he wanted was to be a hero. Read Izuku's quirk details. Izuku finally died, and Katsuki Bakugo actually felt sorry. It might have been something deep down in the rest of her quirk telling her that it wasn't going to be this easy, as though she somehow knew but couldn't say what was going to happen.

Izuku endured this for the day, then the week, then the month. Iyashi would have to know where and how someone was hurt in order for her quirk to work and the longer she talked to someone the more the wound would heal, and the bigger in injury the. A, he finds himself as the protege of All Might and a student of the best heroes in the nation- but there's no running from a part of you, and he's learning the hard way that you have to accept all of yourself to be a real hero.

They discovered that was the same quirk that hi. Aizawa looked at the student, who at the moment was whispering to his friends. Both have the same dream for a better world. With quirk that grows through battle, Izuku grows up to be a different person, one who revels in conflict.

Izuku muses on things that Bakugou has said to him. AO3 Feed Tododeku. No, Deku has the ability to talk to animals, and yeah, they can talk back too. Enter Aizawa Shouta. Secret Secret-Keeper: When Izuku gains One For All using his quirk, while he has no idea how it is used and what it does, he does find out that it is a quirk made from two quirks artificially put together, something Izuku thought only he was capable of doing. I don't own My Hero Academia or its characters, plot etc.

Good luck, Izuku-nii-chan!. Browse through and read izuku midoriya fanfiction stories and books. Izuku: The shadow hero Fanfiction. All he needs now is to know how to use it.

Uhh yeah, this is just t. Finding himself changed into a mythical creature, he continues to do his best to be a hero, while fighting for himself, the family that has come to accept him, and all of Humanity.The quirks name was Saiyan. According to the principle of uncertainty in quantum physics, he is alive and dead until someone opens the box. He visited Inko every day, trying to make up for his mistakes. Izuku finally died, and Katsuki Bakugo actually felt sorry. Izuku Midoriya is a problem child through and through.

Izuku turns slowly, taking in his room: the walls are all marked with dark substances, some sections torn up as though Mt. Villain Deku! All he wanted was to be a hero. Deciding that if he couldn't be a Hero in real life he would do it at the table, he sets out on a journey as the worlds one and only Gamer.

He is still a meager, shy and soft-spoken child, but whenever he gets into a fight all of that vanishes. He has an artificial quirk. Viridescent by darkfire A child with a very powerful quirk.

Izuku Has A Dark Quirk Fanfiction

All Might didn't have a quirk of his own, but what if his being a Symbol of Peace so easily was a part of this too? Everything's been amplified, including Izuku's impact on those around him. Izuku ceases his kicking, opting instead to let out a loud burp, Inko chuckled, "Oh my, I never thought something so loud can come from Izu-" She dropped the plate.

izuku has a dark quirk fanfiction

As we have seen throughout the course of the war against the Paranormal Liberation Front thus far, Izuku. She couldn't shake it. Well, that wasn't quite true, but it wasn't untrue.

Midoriya Izuku is yet another teen in another story who's hope and dreams are shattered. Is a every solid fic, the plot really evolves nicelly. Uraraka the black horse of the throw somehow got infinity, giving Izuku an idea.

She couldn't.

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