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It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! New to the forums? Click here to read the "How To" Guide. Click here to go to the Developer Forums. November in Games and Apps. Hi i have an i7 k with a gtx and it auto sets the high setting but its very choppy at that setting and using the oculus tool it showing around minus twenty head room at 40 fpsi can get better performance if i put most settings the medium but i thought my setup was recommended for highi'm guessing that's for 40 fps I have the latest drivers and everything is up to date, maybe the win 10 update?

Just thought i would see if anyone with a similar setup has the same issue. November Intel i7 K 4. Wildt Posts: 2, Valuable Player.

November edited November Yeah, it's really poorly optimised. Turning volumetric fog completely off helped quite a bit. Thanks for your reply'syea natural shadows eat up performance and volumetric fog, i also lower ambient occlusion and put aa to off. Hopefully they will optimise it some more in a patch or two.

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stormland forums

Global Achievements. Just Tested Robo Recall works like a charm and stormland very jittery. Unplayable Is that a known issue? Would like to get rid of the Link cable! Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments. They do something weird with pose prediction.

Thanks for the quick response. Is the list for working titles from this Forum also acurate for the new Beta Version without Revive? Last edited by ggodin ; 29 Feb pm. Merlynmac View Profile View Posts. Seems to work great. I was even able to play Stormland with one exception Only when moving my head did I experience jitters. Moving around via the joystick, firing weapons, moving my hands, all worked seamlessly.

Stormland VR (by Insomniac Games for Oculus Rift) | Review Thread

Is this head tracking jitteriness what you're all referring to as well? Ahh, damn. I'm loving it otherwise. I hope at some point it can he corrected but until then tethered for stormland it is. Last edited by Merlynmac ; 3 Mar am. I've been searching the internet for a bit and can't seem to find an answer to this so I'll ask it here. So nothing short term. Hi ggodin. I tried to start stormland using SteamVR and Revive.Sorry, we don't currently have the system requirements for Stormland, but you can search for it on PCGameBenchmark.

System requirements are only for PC not for consoles or other devices. These are a list of genres and tags that we applied to this game, so you can discover it on our search page. These are a list of features this game has, again: so you can discover it on our search page. Developed by Insomniac Games. Published by Oculus Studios. Introducing the world of Stormland - an alien sky hosting lush exotic life and a scattered android civilization.

Play single-player, or explore forgotten ruins with a friend in two-player co-op. Buying from an Official Store directly supports the creators of this game. This is of course optional and you can see all offers if you click here. What It's All About About Stormland Introducing the world of Stormland - an alien sky hosting lush exotic life and a scattered android civilization. ABOUT: Take on an expansive world with complete freedom - bound up cliffs, glide across chasms, and fly through the slipstream with velocity.

Detonate explosives, harness electricity, and wield high tech weapons to overcome a malevolent army of robotic invaders.

Each week, the Stormland reveals new challenges set among never before seen peaks, ruins, strongholds, and caves nestled in an expansive cloudscape. Find new tech, build yourself up, and discover just how far you can push past the limits of your design. This game hasn't been rated by ESRB. Stormland Introducing the world of Stormland - an alien sky hosting lush exotic life and a scattered android civilization.

Play single-player, or explore forgotten ruins with a friend in two-player co-op. Gameplay Livestreams Via Mixer. Trending Game Clips Via Medal. Apex Construct Released 20th February Generation Zero Released 26th March Streets of Rage 4 Released 30th April Titanfall Released 11th March Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Released 8th March Splinter Cell: Blacklist Released 20th August Mad Max Released 1st September Discussion in ' Virtual Reality ' started by danoliver1Nov 13, Log in or Sign up.

Overclockers UK Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Stormland Discussion in ' Virtual Reality ' started by danoliver1Nov 13, Show only OP. Nov 13, at PM 1. Pre ordered this, reviews are very positive. Nov 14, at PM 2.

stormland forums

Nov 14, at PM 3. Will be having a go later when the kids are in bed. Nov 15, at PM 4. Oculus borked my pre-order. I've cancelled but will buy at some point. Dec 25, at AM 5. Got around to picking it up yesterday, and enjoyed the hour or so I had through the welcome to the world tutorial. Very impressed with character models in terms of the detail, the scale and sense of presence in their movements feels very real. Through the tutorial it's fairly standard stuff, learning movement and interactions, the standout for me was the ripping off your arm to replace it with a new one, that felt very real Boneworks style.

Even though I've only played with the smg and the shotgun, I can see where the criticism about weight of the weapons comes from. The projectile could be the culprit, the smg and shotgun fire projectiles sound and visually look weak. The two hands on the smg and shotgun feel a little bit funny too, awkward, but i feel more like it's to do with the holding them in fresh air awkwardness at a midriff level. At no point do you feel a badass while holding two hands, but with dual or one handed smg's you kind of do.Menu Menu.

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Thread starter Arthands Start date Nov 13, Forums Discussion Gaming Forum. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Arthands Member. Oct 26, 6, While there's some rough edges, the game brings enjoyable combat, innovative world traversal, and satisfying interactions to the table in a way rarely executed as well on their own, let alone together in a single experience.

With fully-featured two-player co-op and the potential for long term replayability in the Cycling World, Stormland sets a new bar while at the same time laying out a well-formulated framework that will benefit VR games of the future. Many of its dizzying strands of design are dreamlike in delivery, from the seamless UI and scaling cliff faces with Olympic proficiency to effortlessly surfing its bed of clouds or unloading a rattling barrage of bullets on enemies.

Its stumbles are as obvious as they are numerous, but it picks itself back up again time after time.


The seas of VR shooter development are still stormy, but Stormland sails them with aplomb. If there was a reason to own an Oculus Rift and discount every other VR headset then Stormland is it.

This is thanks to a combination of elements from the intuitive free-roaming, to the action-pack guns fights and the wealth of options available. Plus, the fact Stormland looks gorgeous, once atop a spire or cliff, looking out over the cloud covered vista is awe inspiring. Every Oculus Rift owner need this in their library, as Stormland could very well be the VR videogame of The UI is inspired, the upgrade system smart, and its co-op shows a lot of promise.

Adookah Visited by Knack Member. Nov 1, 2, Sarajevo. It looks amazing and good scores so far.And to make things extra interesting, the distributions of enemies and resources refreshes every day. That means squads will come in stronger force, with greater numbers and higher-tier enemies mixed in. If you fail to complete Terminus within the next two cycles, the Escalation Level will go back down.

Purchases made with growth are permanent and never reset. The world is revived, gameplay stays challenging, and progression stays brisk. Here are some ideas to get you started:. From combat and traversal to exploration and beyond, there are plenty of ways to make the most of what Stormland has to offer while giving yourself a competitive edge. Here are just a few of our favorites. Vault Over Enemies When a Goliath Trooper goes into siege mode, their firing arc is mostly in front of their shield—fling yourself over them and hit the weak points on their hip before they can respond.

Raise and pull your hands in to feather and brake as you approach the ground behind your enemy target. Take your time plotting out your opening salvo when engaging with large groups of enemies, and team up with others to overlap your efforts for some high-power combos. Share your stories with the Stormland community as you fight to ReclaimYourWorld! Please enable JavaScript to continue.

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Asgard's Wrath - Part 1 - The Start of A Giant, Beautiful, Epic Adventure

See all articles.What is it? An ambitious Oculus Rift-exclusive shooter full of Far Cry-style outposts. In small doses, Stormland soars above other VR shooters. As I scale its vast sci-fi bases, each vantage point makes me rethink my plan for dispatching the group of robots below. I could glide through a window, arms outstretched like Superman, to get behind a machine gunner and rip the health tank from its back. Or I could grab the discarded gun at my feet and tear it apart with my bare hands, turning each half into an explosive hunk of metal, ready to throw.

At its best, playing Stormland reminds me of clearing outposts in a Far Cry game, but with a lot more freedom.

stormland forums

It wants to be the first proper live-service VR shooter—every Tuesday its world will change, with new map layouts, enemy modifiers and a skill reset—but as much as I enjoy its moment-to-moment gunplay and movement, its quest structure is too repetitive to keep me coming back week after week. Stormland is a slow starter. Its story about a group of robots in the aftermath of a catastrophic event is generic sci-fi: characters are cheerful but lack humor, and only Nix, the robot you spend most of the story searching for, comes close to having a believable personality.

As a tutorial for the endgame, it works, and it explains its complex systems clearly, but it takes too long to get to the point. To reach it, you must first travel through three themed realms sequentially, beating outposts in each one to unlock portals to the next zone. I like to start at the highest point possible, working out my main approach plus a plan B for when it all inevitably goes wrong. I love taking the most ridiculous path I can see, swinging between huge gaps and surviving by my virtual fingertips.

If you build up momentum by dropping groundward you can soar back up again, gaining extra height and moving your arms to curve your path. Even though you're standing up if feels natural, thanks to the smooth turns and sound of rushing wind. The flying is coupled with a superb climbing system that lets you scale basically every structure you can see.

Holding down a Touch controller trigger generates a beam of light extending from your hand, tethering you to any surface. Equally, you can climb one small swing at a time, as if on monkey bars, to navigate tricky corners and narrow gaps. It responds accurately to small movements, so I could do it for hours without getting tired. The system turns every outpost into a movement puzzle as well as a combat challenge. Every support beam is a wall to scale, every elevator shaft a climbing frame that you use to slip around enemy defences.

stormland forums

You can really feel them react when you pull the trigger, and every weapon has enough recoil to keep you honest. Enemies lurch and stumble realistically when hit, and targeting weak points rewards you with a shower of sparks and damage numbers. There are six weapons in total, including an SMG, grenade launcher, shotgun and semi-auto rifle, each with multiple upgrade levels that increase damage, accuracy and ammo capacity.

Both weapon and skill upgrades—such as making headshot kills electrify nearby enemies—happen at work benches. I found the actual world of Stormland a little bland, and its islands blended into one another, but the fact you can glance at your wrist to see the map, or turn your hand over to bring up a floating objective menu really sold me on the fantasy.

I wish all VR games had UIs this good.

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